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509 Amsterdam Ave  Manhattan, NY 10024
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On a recent trip to California we found several great eateries and highly recommend them.  Read all about them here and next time you're in Berkley or San Francisco check them out.

Clairmont Hotel Restaurant


Nom Nom Food Truck

Tadich Grill

Boudin Bakery of San Francisco

Swan Oyster Depot


Tonga Room

Both Hawaii and Alaska are as far from Dixie as you can get.  For a trip in November, we picked Hawaii.  Read about our Top 10 Bites and Top 5 Sips from Oahu

Diamond Head Deli & Bakery

Kahuku Land Farms

Ching's Grocery

Big Wave Shrimp

Leonards Bakery

Blue Water Shrimp

Legends Seafood

Crispy Grinds Food Truck

Hu La La's

Duke Waikiki

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