We fully realize that not everyone who follows DixieDining.com lives in the Southeast USA. Many expatriate Southerners continue to crave the foods of their native soil, but finding authentic ingredients can often be a major challenge. That is where our Dixie Food Sources archive comes in handy. Over the years, we have compiled this directory based on our own personal trial and error. Sure, there are plenty of good Dixie food products out there. But there are a few poseurs as well. Traditional Southern cuisine continues to be a hot category and many big food companies have attempted to profit by quickly jumping on the bandwagon. Don’t be fooled. Utilize our index with confidence. These products are first rate --- and deserving of your loyal patronage. Your guests and your stomach will thank you!

A&M Peanuts– Mobile, AL
209 Dauphin Street – 251 438-9374
Peanuts since 1947 located in historic downtown Mobile.  Also sells a wide variety of candies.  Call to place an order.
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Abita Brewing - Louisiana
Micro Brews from Cajun Country. Tours available.


Adluh Flour - Columbia, SC
804 ½ Gervais Street – 803 779-2460
Operational historic mill and museum with a unique museum store


Albritton Fruit – Sarasota, FL
5430 Proctor Rd – 800 237-3682
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Allegro Hickory Smoked Marinade - Paris, TN
731 642-6113


Allen's Canned Goods - Siloam Springs, AR
Order by the case online.  Allen's sells okra, rutabagas, kale, collards, poke salet greens, yams, purple hull peas, and more.  Also available in some grocery stores.


Angostura Bitters
These aromatic bitters, produced for decades in the Caribbean, are essential in cocktails (like the "Old Fashioned") and many recipes.  Click on the recipe bar on the website (they spell it "receipts") for some tasty cooking tips.


Atkinson Candy Company- Lufkin, TX
A family tradition of making tasty candy since 1932. Located in Lufkin, Texas, the company is known worldwide for its fine quality candy, including some of the best peanut butter and peppermint candies available. "Naturally, we're Texas proud," says current President Eric Atkinson, "but our candy is sold all over the world." Our favorite is the delicious Chick-O-Stick, a crunchy, peanutty treat that is dusted with coconut flakes --- awesome!


Atlanta Cheesecake Company - Atlanta, GA

B & B Better Burning Charcoal - Weimar, TX
This Texas-based company makes charcoal from Oak, Mesquite, and other woods.


B&B Pecan Groves - Fairhope, AL

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Back Roads Bakery – Gordon, TX
254 693-5454
Fried Pies – “Just like Grandma made.”  Flavors include lemon, chocolate, apple and much more.  Available in West Dallas stores or order them online.
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Barq's Root Beer - Biloxi, MS
Barq's is now available in most parts of the US.  If you can't find it, order a case from the source.   Barq's has been quenching thirsts since the 1890s.


Bates Turkey Farm and Restaurant – Ft. Deposit, AL
Turkey, turkey, turkey.

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BBQ Woods
Order hickory, maple, cherry and more.


Belle Chevre – Elkmont, AL
Goat Cheese
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Belmont Peanuts – Capron, VA
23195 Popes Station Road – 800 648-4613
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Benne Wafers - Savannah, GA
The Byrd Cookie Company has been baking these tasty, bite-sized treats since 1924. Benne seeds are more widely known as sesame seeds. Byrd also makes a key lime cookie and a rather good cheese straw.

Bertie County Peanuts - Windsor, NC


Seasoned, plain Roasted and Raw peanuts. Online catalog for ordering.


Big Green Egg Grills
These babies are great.  The grills are egg shaped, ceramic, and they cook at temps up to 750 degrees. Yes, they are indeed green ... but it's a tasteful dark green.


Bland Farms Sweet Vidalia Onions - Glennville
800-vidalia  Call for a free color catalog.  Order in shipments of 10, 25 or 50 lbs. These are the best onions on Earth!


Blenheim's Ginger Ale - Hamer, SC
This one of a kind ginger ale, made from mineral water, with a bite comes either mild or hot. Both will set you free! Very hard to find outside of South Carolina but the locations are listed on the website.  Hope you live nearby one of the stores listed.
A little history: The mineral springs were discovered in 1781 by James Spears, a Whig, who was trying to escape Tory troops. According to legend, Mr. Spears lost a shoe in a water hole. When he returned to retrieve his shoe, he tasted the water and noticed its strong mineral content. Word of the spring spread and soon people were coming to taste the cool refreshing water. Several wealthy plantation owners built summer homes in the vicinity of the springs. In the late 1800's Dr. C. R. May advised his patients with stomach problems to drink the mineral water. When these patients complained about the strong taste of the mineral water, Dr. May added Jamaican Ginger to it. In 1903, Dr. May and A. J. Matheson opened the Blenheim Bottling Company. The building which houses the bottling works today was constructed in 1920.

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Blue Bell Creameries– Brenham, TX
Their slogan is "We eat all we can, and sell the rest."  They’ve been at it since 1911, so they pretty much have it down to a science. Tours are offered and you get a free sample at the end. True Texans swear by this stuff!


Blue Crab Bay Company
Tastes and traditions of the Chesapeake.  Check out their Spicy Bloody Mary Mixer.


Blue Magnolia Products – Louisiana
Bread pudding: original, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and more.  Order online.
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Blue Plate Sandwich Spread – Louisiana
Made by the fine folks at Reily Foods.  This is the closest thing you'll find to what some folks down South call "Comeback Sauce."  This blend is indeed tasty, although it is certainly not low cal or low fat.  Try it on hamburgers or turkey sandwiches.  Key ingredients are mayo, pickle relish and spices.  Think a thick, spreadable Thousand Island dressing and you're on the right track.


Boscoli's Olive Spread - Kenner, LA

When trying to duplicate a New Orleans-made Muffaletta sandwich at home, this stuff is vital to your success.
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Bourbon Barrel Foods – Louisville, KY
Sorghums, sauces, and spices
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Bourque's Super Store - Port Barre, LA
This Port Barre, LA (due east of Opelousas) establishment is known throughout Cajun country for fresh boudin and amazing jalapeno sausage cheese bread. Bourque's also cranks out Mardi Gras King Cakes, Cajun-flavored quail, sausage-stuffed duck, and some pretty cool T-shirts too! Ask about their homemade pork crackins - lip smacking good! Chad and Shannon Bourque are keeping the family tradition alive, so please make it a point to support them - you won't be disappointed. Call them at 877 4BOUDIN.

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Boykin Mill - Boykin, SC
Corn Meal & Grits.


Braswells Specialty Foods - Statesboro
Jams, jellies, sauces, etc.
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Brother Jack's - Knoxville
Gourmet BBQ sauce


Bryan Meats – West Point, MS
Founded in 1936, Bryan is billed as “The Flavor of the South,” Bryan’s employs more than 2,500 workers at their West Point packing facility.  They offer a full range of meat products.  Bryan is now a subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corporation.  A longtime sponsor of SEC athletics, Bryan is a well known and respected name throughout the South.


Bud's Best Cookies - Hoover
2070 Parkway Office Circle – 1-800-548-1504


They give tours.  Call for schedule.


Buffalo Rock Bottling - Birmingham, AL

They make a pretty popular ginger ale with a nice kick! Check out the full line of beverages.

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Bush Brothers and Company - Knoxville, TN
Canned beans and vegetables.


Café du Monde Coffee and Beignet Mix - New Orleans, LA
1039 Decatur Street - 504 581-2914 or 800-772-2927
Chicory laced coffee, beignet mix, and other New Orleans and Cajun specialties. Bring home a little piece of the French Quarter with these authentic New Orleans staples.


Cajun Country Popcorn Rice - LA
Fine Louisiana rice with a unique popcorn taste.  Available through Cajun Grocer online or call 800-738-7423.


Cajun Power Garlic Sauce - Abbeville, LA
We love their Original Garlic Sauce.  It's best described as a garlic-laden cross between hot sauce (but not fiery hot) and vinegar based BBQ sauce.  Cajun Chef Caro is the creator of all Cajun Power products.  Cajun Power has been manufacturing quality sauces and food products for over 25 years.  These products are absolutely 100% pure Cajun.  You will not find the hottest of sauces here.  Only gourmet sauces and products packed with flavor to enhance any meal on your table.  They use squeezed filtered garlic in most products.  We first discovered this sauce at Cajun Broilers in Hot Springs, AR.  It's great mixed with ketchup or cocktail sauce; try it with French fries or fried shrimp --- deee-lish! Also, order some Sloppy Boudreaux sauce.

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Callie’s Charleston Biscuits – Charleston, SC
Available nationwide or order online.

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The Caramel Factory - Boyle, MS
34 Dunn Road - 888 818-9310
If you're craving an authentic caramel cake and don't have time to make homemade icing, this is your next best alternative.  This stuff is delicious ... you can tell it's made with lots of love (and sugar!).


Carolina Food Pros - Charleston, SC
843 723-3366 0r 877-SCTASTE
Tastefully done SC gift baskets featuring many of the states culinary treasures.  They also offer interesting culinary tours led by Amanda Dew Manning, a local food expert and company President.


Carolina Plantation Rice - Darlington, SC
Some of the very best aromatic rice money can buy!


Caroline’s Cakes – Annapolis, MD
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Chattanooga Cookie Company - Chattanooga, TN

100 Cherokee Blvd #333, 423 598-1177


Chattanooga Moon Pies - Chattanooga, TN
Moon pies are available in chocolate, vanilla, banana, coconut and more. These pies are a popular Mardi Gras throw along the Gulf Coast.


Cheerwine - Salisbury, NC
Bottled since 1917, Cheerwine tastes a bit like a cherry coke, and a bit like Dr. Pepper. A uniquely satisfying regional soft drink.


Chitlin’ Market
Yes, chitlin’s for the cyber generation.  These chitlin’s come fully cleaned and highly recommended by folks like Jesse Jackson and baseball's Dwight "Doc" Gooden.


Claxton Fruit Cake - Claxton, GA
912 739-3441
The town of Claxton, GA bills itself as the "Fruitcake Capital of the World." Order a 3 or 5 pound version by mail.


Comeaux's - Lafayette, LA
2807 Kaliste Saloon Road – 800 323-2492
Boudin, cracklin, seafood; ships anywhere in the USA.


Chicken Comer's BBQ – Columbus, GA
2609 Desmond Drive – 706 315-0253


Country Bob’s
Steak sauce available nationwide
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Cunningham Farms - TN
Sweet potato butter

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Cushman Fruit Company
Florida citrus direct to your home.


Dad’s Bourbon Balls – KY
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Dale's Seasoning - Birmingham, AL
Made in Birmingham, Alabama since 1946; Originally the "house marinade" at Dale's Cellar Restaurant; the seasoning (a blend of soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, etc) goes great with beef, chicken or pork.


Dean’s Cake House – Andalusia, AL
402 Snowden Drive – 334 222-0459
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Della Gourmet Rice - Brinkley, AR
1000 West 1st Street - 800 467-1233
Originally grown in India, this gourmet aromatic rice is now cultivated in and around Brinkley, Arkansas (hometown of Big Band and Swing legend Louis Jordan). We purchased the rice in a 2 lb. bag at a rustic old country store just steps from Jordan's boyhood home (or what is left of it!).  We like the Basmati variety, which is quite similar to Jasmine rice of the Orient.  This is some of the best rice still grown in the Mississippi Delta region.


Delta Blues Iced Tea
800 203-8779
Deep South Sweet Tea Punch, spearmint infused tea, and more. "What is Tea Punch? Since pre-Revolutionary War, Colonial Americans mixed & fixed whatever local flavors were at hand-herbal infusions, pine needles, fruit skins, and roots into wine and hard ciders. Tea punch bowls were a favorite at weddings and society gatherings. By 1888, warmed punches were ladled into cups filled with bourbon soaked sugar cubes. These recipes remain today and are closely guarded secrets."


Delta Grind Corn Meal- Oxford, MS
Corn meal and grits ground the old-fashioned way!


Delta Pride Catfish - Indianola, MS


Dinstuhl's Candies - Memphis
5280 Pleasant View Road - 901 377-2639


Dixie Crystals Pure Cane Sugar
Making things sweet since 1917.


Drum Circle Distilling – Sarasota, FL
Rum made in Sarasota, available on Siesta Key.
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Duke's Mayonnaise - Richmond, VA
Duke's is manufactured by CF Sauer Company in Richmond, Virginia.  They make other fine food products as well, including a pretty tangy BBQ sauce.


Ed’s Red Hot Sauce – Port St. Joe, FL
Hot Sauce, Pepper Sauce and Cocktail Sauce.  Great on oysters.
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Edward's Virginia Smokehouse - Surry, VA

Edward's is one of the more prominent names in the country ham world.  Taste one of their hams and you'll know why.  Free mail order catalog.


Espy’s Tybee Island Tomato Chutney – Tybee Island, GA
A little sweet and a little spicy and very good.
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Fairhope Brewing Company - Fairhope, AL


A new brew in town.  Visit their taproom at 914 Nichols Avenue.


Father's Country Hams - Bremen, KY


Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick Stew - Mechanicsville, VA
Available in grocery stores.  This is the best canned Brunswick stew you will find anywhere


Florida Crystals
Organic cane sugar available at Publix grocery stores
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Glory Foods - Columbus, OH
Canned and frozen Southern style veggies, cornbread mixes, hot sauce, pepper vinegar and more.  In business since 1992, this Ohio-based company has struck a chord with its well seasoned canned goods.  Try the Smoked Turkey Collard Greens.


Goo Goo Clusters (Standard Candy Company)- Nashville, TN
Often called the south's favorite candy, Goo Goo's have been a major sponsor of the Grand Ole Opry for years. Standard also makes the popular King Leo brand stick candy.
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Gourmet Warehouse of Hilton Head – Hilton Head, NC
Marinades, spices and sauces.
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Gracie's Garden Pickles - Franklin, VA
Call them at 757 562-3300.  Choose from sweet cucumber slices, sweet watermelon rind, or the "Commonwealth Chutney" composed of apples, peanuts, raisins and other goodies.


Granny Hester’s Sweet Potato Biscuits – Ft. Payne, AL
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Grapette Soft Drink - Malvern, AR
Since 1940.  Grapette and Orangette are sold exclusively through Wal-Mart stores under the names Sam’s Choice Grapette and Sam’s Choice Orangette.  Still the original flavors.


Gwaltney of Smithfield - Smithfield, VA
Perhaps the most recognizable name in the country ham wars and with good reason; their first-rate products are available mail order.


Hale Groves - Wabasso, FL
800 289-4253
Fresh Florida Citrus Fruit shipped to your front door.  Don't you dare miss out on their delicious Honeybell Tangelos, a seasonal treat available each January while supplies last.


Ham I Am - Plano, Texas
320 Wood Lake Drive - 800 742-6426
Pick up a 4-pound pail of cooking lard for $8.80.  Many other meat products are also offered.


Harold Ensley Fish Fry Mix - Rogers, AR
War Eagle Mill, 501 789-5343
Ensley, a locally famous fisherman and TV personality, has created a very tasty coating mix for fried seafood. Gift boxes available.


Johnny Harris BBQ Sauce - Savannah, GA
2801 Wicklow Street - 912 354-8828
Johnny's award winning sauce is hard to beat. Most folks order 6 bottles at a time.


Hilton Brand Oyster Stew - Bedford, VA
A fine canned Oyster Stew from Bedford, Virginia. This company also makes a dandy She-Crab Soup under the Harris Brand.


Hoover Sauce – Louise, MS
662 836-5131
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Hope’s Cheese Cakes – Gulf Shores, AL
Order online or stop by on your way to the beach.  We tried several varieties including the cheese cake in a cone.
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Hot Damn, Tamales!
This Texas-based firm creates terrific vegetarian tamales.


Immaculate Consumption Baked Goods - Flat Rock, NC
This company makes terrific homemade cookies in a variety of flavors including Chocobillys (chocolate chunk), Cranmas (cranberry), Apple Pie , Sweet Georgia Brownie, Leapin' Lemon, Pumpkin Ginger lies, and Key Lime. It's all hand packed in eye-catching folk art packaging. All natural ingredients and you can taste the difference! Available in some grocery stores or order on line.


Ison's Nursery & Vineyards - Brooks, GA
6855 Newnan Road (GA Highway 16) - 800-733-0324;
Southern Muscadine Grapes!


J&D Foods
The folks that bring you baconnaise, bacon salt and everything else bacon, they have a line of envelopes that are, you guessed it, bacon flavored.  Check them out online.
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Jacob's World Famous Andouille Sausage - LaPlace, LA
985 652-9080
Company started making sausage way back in 1928.  Their meats are smoked over aged pecan wood.  Try the andouille or the tasso (smoked and fully seasoned pork) ... you cannot go wrong with either one.


Jazzmen Rice – New Orleans, LA
Jasmine Rice grown by the LSU AgCenter. Order online.
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Joe's Stone Crabs - Miami, FL
11 Washington Avenue - 800 780-CRAB
Call for a free brochure or order online.  These crabs are not cheap, but dipped in Joe's mustard sauce they are a taste treat that is truly unforgettable!


Kary's Gumbo Roux - Ville Platte, LA
Purchase online.


Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shop– Key West, FL
200A Elizabeth Street at the corner of Green – 305 296-0806
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Key West Seafood - Key West
Featuring delicious treasures from the sea and some pretty tasty Key Lime Pie!


Kim's Pork Rinds and Cracklins - Clarksdale, MS
417 Third Street - 662 627-2389
Kim Wong's Cracklins are perfect for baking into your favorite cornbread mix. The pork rinds are shipped to devotees all over the U.S.


King Kake King - Mandeville, LA
804 N. Causeway Boulevard - 985-674-9292
Only open during Mardi Gras season.


Konriko Rice - New Iberia, LA
800 551-3245
Konriko is an acronym for the Conrad Rice Company. This is America's Oldest Working Rice Mill - dating all the way back to 1912. Learn more at on their website.
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Kudzu Bakery - Georgetown, SC
714 Front Street - 843 527-7844
Excellent preserves and jellies, delicious pies (try the peach or lemon chess), and mouth watering cakes including a superb red velvet cake.  The almond lace cookies are simply awesome.  You'll also find some mighty fine pimento cheese and a good selection of frozen meats (tasso and andouille to name a couple).  Really nice folks ... good coffee too! Much like its namesake vine, this place will surely grow on you.


Lauren Farms Prawns – MS
662 390-3528
Founded in 1995, Lauren Farms is a prawn production farm that specializes in the hatching and grow-out of freshwater prawns. As one of the pioneers with Mississippi State University, Lauren Farms has mastered a "full circle" in the production process: hatching, stocking, feeding, water quality, harvesting and marketing. Having proven itself as a forerunner in the industry, Lauren Farms hopes to provide the best outlet possible for the freshwater prawn. Growers Steve and Dolores Fratesi are able to use their strong knowledge and marketing skills to heighten the prawn industry for growers, marketers, buyers and sellers.


Layfield Farms - St. Matthews, SC
Route 1, Box 505, 803 874-4853
Old fashioned cane syrup.


Lazy Magnolia Brewing - Kiln, MS
"Founded in September of 2003, Lazy Magnolia is Mississippi's first Brewery offering locally brewed beer to Mississippians and visitors to our state at all of their favorite restaurants. Located in the Bootleg capital of Mississippi, we break with tradition by offering legal brew to our customers."


Lee's Sausage Co., Inc. - Orangeburg, SC
1054 Neeses Highway - 803-534-5517
Famous for their delicious Onion Sausage, which is served in many fine eateries throughout the state of SC.


Leidenheimer Bakery - New Orleans, LA
1501 Simon Bolivar Avenue - 800 259-9099
This terrific German bakery was founded in 1896; they supply perhaps the finest po-boy bread in all of New Orleans.  Sysco Foods carries Leidenheimer breads and distribute them throughout the South.
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Lillie's of Charleston - Charleston, SC
BBQ sauces and other Gullah treats from the SC Lowcountry.


Lodge Manufacturing Company- South Pittsburgh, TN
Makers of fine cast-iron skillets and other cookware. Based in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee.  Lots of goodies on their website.


Louisiana Crawfish
One of the few mail order sources for the real deal - Louisiana Crawfish.  Don't be fooled by less expensive imported crawfish from the Orient; these babies simply taste better --- hands down.  Do yourself a favor and follow this link to find out why.  Hats off to our friends at the SFA for this insightful little piece of journalism!


Loveless Hams and Jams - Nashville, TN
Route 5, Highway 100 - 615 646-0067
Their hams and sausage products are superb, but please don't miss the fabulous jams and jellies which are served up each morning at the famous Loveless Café. We love the blackberry or peach preserves.


Luzianne Tea - New Orleans, LA

Incredible tea from Reily Foods of NOLA. Available in grocery stores or purchase on line www.reilyproducts.com

Mack's Livermush & Meats - Shelby, NC
6126 McKee Road - 704 434-6188


Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies- Memphis, TN
2370 Airways Boulevard - 901 745-2667
Friendly owners Maurice and Pam Hill have been baking 'em up since 1999.  Only quality ingredients are used (100% butter, Domino sugar, Gold Medal Flour, Quaker Oats, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Sun Maid Raisins, etc) and you can indeed taste the difference.  You’ll be hard pressed to make up your mind when you enter their modest storefront in South Memphis.  My first choice was the Iced Oatmeal and I wasn't disappointed.  Give them a try ... these made with love cookies are "like butter, baby!"


Mamie's Famous Cheese Wafers - Mobile, AL
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Margaret Holmes Peanut Patch
Nothing beats picking up a steaming bag of boiled peanuts at a roadside stand. This product, however, is the next best thing. Her boiled peanuts were previously known by the name Roddenberry’s Boiled Peanuts.


Marshall Biscuit Company - Saraland, AL
Great Old-Fashioned Style Buttermilk Biscuits and Rolls --- "Better than Homemade;" serving the South since 1924.  Now owned by the same folks that bring you Sister Shubert’s and Marzetti.  Look for Marshall Biscuits in your local grocery.


Martha White Flour
A Southern tradition for decades!


Mary B’s Tea Biscuits – Pensacola, FL
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Maurice's Gourmet BBQ - West Columbia, SC
Lean ham BBQ and South Carolina mustard-based sauce available.


Mauthe's Creole Ice Cream- McComb, MS
They also make a good cream cheese for your next cheesecake; you can find them in several groceries listed on the
Mauthe’s Facebook page  


Mayfield Dairy Farms – Athens, TN
Currently available in 8 Southern states.  Time magazine once claimed that Mayfield Ice Cream was "the best in the world."  Their Chocolate Mint variety is the best I have tasted.


McCall Farms Vegetables - Effingham, SC
For ever 150 years, McCall Farms have produced fine canned vegetables and other down home produce. Our favorite product is their Sunshine Brand Pickled Peaches. Look for their Margaret Holmes Brand products in stores all over the South - greens, beans, okra, boiled peanuts, and more. They have just added a canned "Hoppin' John" product.


McCormick Old Bay Seasoning - Baltimore, MD


Merritt Pecan Company- Weston, GA
4051 US 520 - 800 762-9152
Shelled pecans, divinity, pralines, brittle and more. Stop by their retail store when traveling through Weston or shop online.


Millican Pecan Company - San Saba, TX
1101 Wallace Street - 866 484-6358
Founded in 1880, Millican's early customers included Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Brilliant!


Mingo River Pecan Company - Florence, SC
800 440-6442


Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory - Yazoo City, MS
Varieties include Cheese Straws, Lemon Straws, Peanut Butter Straws, Cinnamon Pecan Straws, Chipotle Straws, and chocolate Mississippi Mudpuppies!


Mook Mills Cheese Straws – AL
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Moonlite BBQ - Owensboro, KY
2840 West Parrish Avenue - 270 684-8143
Pick up some chopped BBQ mutton and some of the Moonlite's famous thick and spicy BBQ sauce.


Mom’s Apple Pie Company – Occoquan, VA
126A Commerce Street – 703 497-7437
220 Loudoun Street – 703 771-8590
Stop by for a pie.
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Mountain Valley Spring Water - Hot Springs, AR
Quenching thirsts since 1871. Headquartered in the shadow of the historic thermal bath houses of scenic Hot Springs.


Mount Olive Pickles - Mount Olive, NC
You can sign up for cents-off coupons and their newsletter.


Mrs. B's Potato Chips - Birmingham, Alabama
Order them from


Mrs. Renfro's Salsas - Fort Worth, TX
Texas-made salsas with flavors like Raspberry Chipotle, Black Bean, Habanero, Peach and many others.  They also whip up a tasty Chow Chow (a Southern relish), Green Tomato Pickles and Cane Syrup.
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Mrs Sassard's - Mt. Pleasant, SC
443 Church Street - 843 884-4574
Artichoke relish, fig preserves, hot pepper jelly, and much more!  Available online.


Mrs. Wheat’s Treats – Mobile, AL
154 S. Florida Street - 251 478-0709
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Mudd Pond Sorghum Mill – Muddy Pond, TN
Both the mill and the store are open except on Sunday.  Directions are on the website.

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Natchitoches ("Na-ka-tish") Pecans - Cloutierville, LA
439 Little Eva Road - 800 572-5925
A 400 acre pecan orchard located on the old Little Eva Plantation. Looking for fresh pecans - in-shell, cracked, pieces? How about pralines, pecan logs, gourmet flavored pecans, gift tins? Visit their store off Hwy 1 or browse the online store.


Neese's Country Sausage - Greensboro, NC
919 735-8632
North Carolina's finest; we like the Hot and Sage varieties.


Nellie and Joe's Key West Lime Juice - Key West, FL
This is the key ingredient for making an authentic key lime pie.


New Orleans School of Cooking - New Orleans, LA
620 Decatur Street - 800 237-4841
Gift baskets, cookbooks, and Louisiana specialties.


New South Brewing - Myrtle Beach, SC
1109 Campbell Street – 843 916-2337
Fine micro-brews crafted in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They are located at in downtown Myrtle Beach. Tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Old Guilford Mill - Greensboro, NC Area
Stone-ground grits, flours and grains.


Old South Pickles - Alma, AR
800 634-2413
Choose from watermelon rind, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, cucumber nuggets, and more.


Olde Colony Bakery – Mt Pleasant, SC
1391 B Stuart Engals Blvd. - 800-722-9932
Tasty Benne Wafers!


Olde South Gumbo – Fairhope, AL
A gumbo base available in stores throughout the FL Panhandle, Baldwin County, AL and New Orleans.  Worth the trip to pick some up.  Store locations listed on the website.

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Ozarka Spring Water - Eureka Springs, AR
Founded in 1905, Ozarka is now owned by Nestle, Inc. This is a fine product.


Pasquale's Tamales - Helena, AR
877 572-0500
"Taste so good you'll suck the shuck!" Pasquale's ships nationwide.


Pawleys Island Specialty Foods - Pawleys Island, SC
Pimento cheese in original flavor, jalapeno and bacon.


Pearson Farm
This Crawford County, Georgia, farm is a great source for Georgia peaches and pecans. Shop online.


Pedro's Tamales - Lubbock, Texas


Penzeys Spices
Their catalog has a cult following featuring top quality herbs and spices. You can find about anything you might need. It's not cheap, but it's worth the extra $$$.


Peterbrooke Chocolates – Jacksonville, FL
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Pictsweet Frozen Vegetables - Bells, TN
In your grocery freezer section


Pioneer Brand Flours & Mixes
Baking powders, flours, biscuit and pancake mixes, gravy mixes, etc. from the C.H. Guenther & Son Company out of the Fredericksburg, Texas area. Try their Country Gravy Mix on Chicken Fried Steak, a Texas tradition. This company has been around since the 1800's.


Port City Brewing – Alexandria, VA
3950 Wheeler Avenue
Located just outside of Washington, D.C.  Stop by for a tour.

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Prichard's Rum - Kelso, KY
931 433-5454
Premium rum made in Dixie!


Rebecca Ruth Candy - Frankfort, Kentucky
112 East 2nd Street - 800 444-3766
Absolutely delicious bourbon balls have become a KY tradition.  They also make mint julep flavored candy.  If you enjoy good chocolate and fine liquor, you simply will not be disappointed! Tours available.

Reily Foods Company - New Orleans, LA

640 Magazine St - www.reilyproducts.com

Popular southern brand products include Blue Plate, Luzianne, French Market Coffee.  Purchase online.  Recipes available.


Reverend Marvin's BBQ Sauce - Florence, SC
This Rev makes some heavenly sauce available in original or hot, whichhas a mustard and vinegar base.


Rex Remoulade Sauce – Louisiana
Established way back in 1888, Rex has been the brand of choice for many of New Orleans' finest chefs for well over a century. A good option when you don't have the time to make your own remoulade. Rex's blend is great with your favorite seafood or on sandwiches.


Route 11 Potato Chips - Middletown, VA
2325 First Street - 800-294-SPUD
Hand cooked potato chips from the Old Dominion. The company sprouted in an old feed store. Martha Vining writes: "every time we travel north from our home near Asheville, NC we stop in Virginia to get some Route 11 Potato Chips. They're great! Check out their web site ... We're big fans." And we at DixieDining are, too. Try the lightly salted Sweet Potato Chips (our favorite) or the spicy Chesapeake Bay Crab Chips (No MSG added!).

Dixie Dining blog review


Royer’s Roundtop Café – TX

Dixie Dining blog review


Rina's Kitchen - Summerville, SC
843 875-6999
Jams and jellies


Sallie’s Greatest Jams – Cameron, SC
Dixie Dining blog review


Salted Caramel
Salted Bourbon Caramels, Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn, Smoked Pecan Bourbon Caramel Corn, Salted Caramel Coco and much more.  Order online.
Dixie Dining blog review


Sassy Jones BBQ - Montrose, AR
105 Highway 105 Business East - 501 737-BBQ1
"Made in the South by Southerners" is the claim on each bottle of sauce sold here.


Savoie's Meat Products
This fine Louisiana business has been producing the very best Cajun style meats and more for decades.  Savoie's Sausage and Food Products is proud to be part of the great Louisiana culinary tradition. People have cooked with Savoie's sausage and other culinary specialties since 1949. Savoie's products are "Real Cajun." Order online at... you won't be disappointed: boudin, tasso, andouille ... they have it all!


Scott’s Family BBQ Sauce- Goldsboro, SC
Order some of this thin vinegar and pepper sauce for the authentic taste of eastern North Carolina BBQ.


Shiner Bock Ale - Shiner, TX
361 594-3383
Brewed in Texas by the fine folks at The Spoetzl Brewery, located in the little town of Shiner.  


Shuckman's Fish Co. & Smokery - Louisville, KY
3001 West Main Street - 502-775-6478


Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique – Mobile, AL
6207B Cottage Hill Road – 251 665-3003
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Sister Schubert's Homemade Yeast Rolls
Some of the best frozen yeast rolls you'll taste anywhere.  This Alabama-born company started small, but has grown into quite a successful operation, now owned by the T. Marzetti Company.  The recipe for success, and one of their biggest secrets, is also the most basic: "never compromise the ingredients."  Order online or find them in your grocery store.


Slap BBQ - Atlanta, GA


404 805-3158

BBQ sauce available in retail stores around Atlanta and on the internet

Smithfield Hams - Smithfield, VA
800 628-2242
The best country hams in the world are made in this area of Virginia.  Call for a free mail order catalog. Pick up a copy of "The Smithfield Cookbook" for some fine traditional recipes.


Smokey Denmark Meats - Austin, TX
512 385-0718
A great source for authentic Texas smoked sausage and beef brisket.  Shop online.


Southern Cider Company - Oxford, FL


Makers of Moonshine Jelly

Dixie Dining blog review


Snowden Sausage Company - Andalusia, AL


Sparkling Rivers Peppers - Little Rock AR


Pepper products from Arkansas.  The website includes recipes.

Steen's Pure Cane Syrup - Abbeville, LA
119 North Main Street - 800 725-1654
Choose from molasses or, our favorite, pure cane syrup. Super-chef Emeril Lagasse raves about Steen’s … and with good reason! It's the best.
Dixie Dining blog review


Stuarts Cajun Dill Mix – Gautier, MS
Available at Hazel’s Farm Market in Daphne, AL or by calling 228-369-9642
Dixie Dining blog review


Stubb's Legendary Kitchen- Austin, TX
512 480-0203
C.C. Stubblefield offers BBQ sauces, mopping sauces, and a variety of chow chow and canned goods. Stubb’s sauces are available in some grocery stores.


Sucre – New Orleans, LA
3025 Magazine Street – 504 520-8311
Macaroons and chocolates
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Sweet Home Farm – Elberta, AL
27107 Schoen Road – 251 986-5663
A working family dairy farm and cheese shop.  Stop by.

Dixie Dining blog review


Sweet Revolution Caramels – Stevensville, MD
Certified organic sea salt caramels and sauce.
Dixie Dining blog review


Sweetery, The- Anderson, SC
1814 E. Greenville Street
Uggly Cakes, layer cakes, pound cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, pies and more. They ship anywhere.


T-Boy’s Cajun Seasonings - Ville Platte, LA
2228 Pine Point Rd – 337 468-3333
Grocery store with their own line of seasonings and homemade boudin.  Order online or stop by.


Tabasco Hot Sauce and Specialties - Avery Island, LA
800 634-9599
Get their full-color mail catalog and have some fun; the very best hot sauce there is - accept no substitutes!

Dixie Dining blog review


Talenti Gelato – Dallas, TX
Gelato and sorbetto made in the South. Order online or find a grocery store location on their website.

Dixie Dining blog review


Talk O' Texas Okra Pickles - San Angelo, TX
1610 Roosevelt Street - 800 749-6572
Hot or mild, these crunchy pods are highly addictive. Check 'em out online


Taste of Gourmet Smoked Catfish Pate - Indianola, MS
36 Sunflower Road - 800 722-8931
Smoked Catfish Pate is their primary claim to fame.


TexaSweet Grapefruit
Ruby Red Texas Grapefruit.


Texas Olive Oil – Wimberly, TX
The Bella Vista Ranch in Texas grows their own olives.  Oil can be purchased online.  They also have a vineyard and make their own wine.  Tours are available.


Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning - LA
For over 65 years, Tony's first love was cooking the foods of his native Louisiana. He became famous for developing the first versatile seasoning blend that Louisianans came to adopt as their own. Tony also offers gravy mixes, fry batters, marinades and more --- all with that unique Tony Chachere taste.


Trappey's Golden Yams and Gumbos - New Iberia, LA
Gumbo choices include okra, chicken sausage, and seafood okra. The next best thing to home made.  Available in your grocery or order from


Two Moms in the Raw – Lafayette, CO
Granola and other healthy products.
Dixie Dining blog review


Charlie Vergos Rendezvous Rib Seasoning - Memphis, TN
800 524-5554
The ribs here are the favorite of many BBQ aficionados.  Try to duplicate the experience at home with this fine blend of seasonings.


Very Vera
Homemade baked goods from Georgia. Visit their online bakery at Vera's cakes make great gifts anytime of the year.


Viper Sauce – Fairhope, AL
Featured on Food Network, this BBQ sauce and dry rub can be purchased online.  It’s available in stores around Fairhope, AL and Pensacola, FL.
Dixie Dining blog review


Virginia Diner Peanuts - Wakefield, VA
800 642-NUTS
The best peanuts we've tasted anywhere. Call for a free color catalog of their whole gourmet or butter toasted goobers or shop online.


Virginia Lightning – Culpepper, VA
Order some real corn whisky online.
Dixie Dining blog review


Virginia Traditions - Surry, VA
Authentic Southern Smoked Meats, Seafood and Dessert Specialties


Visitation Monastery – Mobile, AL
2300 Spring Hill Avenue – 251 471-4106
The Gift Shop sells a chocolate covered marshmallow confection, Heavenly Hash, which everyone should try.  Stop by for some.
Dixie Dining blog review


Wade Plantation Pecans - Sylvania, GA
752 Oglethorpe Trail - 800 414-7941


War Eagle Mill - Rogers (13 miles east)

Since 1973 the War Eagle Mill has proudly carried on the tradition of the many water-powered grits mills once operating in the South. Products include flours, cornmeal, roll & bread mixes, grits, oats, and cereals. Visit them online.  A tasty assortment of jams, jellies, and preserves is also available.


We Take The Cake – Ft Lauderdale, FL
Gourmet mail order cakes.
Dixie Dining blog review


White Lily Flours and Cornmeal Mixes - Knoxville, TN
Many southern bakers swear by the White Lily product line. Great flour for making homemade biscuits.


Whitley’s Peanuts – Williamsburg, VA
Dixie Dining blog review


Wickles - Dadeville, AL
126 Broadnax Street - 256 825-0848
Manufactured by Sims Foods, these sweet pickle slices with a spicy finish are just awesome.  We discovered them years ago at a Piggly Wiggly store in Litchfield Beach, SC.  Visit their web page.  These pickles are indeed "wickedly delicious."


Wilbur's BBQ Sauce - Goldsboro, NC


Wild American Shrimp
This is a great site for learning more about plump shrimp harvested in the ocean ... not the bland pond-raised stuff. 


Willa’s Shortbread – Madison, TN

Dixie Dining blog review


Yazoo Brewing Company- Nashville, TN
The Yazoo Brewery is located in what was once the Marathon Motor Works building. From 1910 to 1914, Marathon Motor Works made the first automobiles ever to be produced in the South. Yazoo Brewery owners Lila and Linus Hall are both from Mississippi, and moved to Nashville in 1996. Linus has been brewing for over ten years, and has a craft brewing degree from the American Brewers Guild in California, with an internship at the Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, New York.


Zapp's Potato Chips - Gramercy, LA

Flavors include Cajun Craw Tators, Mesquite BBQ, Cajun Dill Gator Tators, Jalapeno, and others.  Founder Ron Zappe established his business in a former Chevrolet dealership.  The best chip you'll ever taste … I gar-ron-tee!!! 


Zatarain's of New Orleans - New Orleans, LA
Makers of jambalaya mix, dirty rice mix, gumbo, creole mustard, crab boil, and red beans and rice.

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